Czech Fairytales

Just like other European nations, the Czechs have a treasure trove of fairytales that has been lovingly handed down over the centuries. Some...

Harald Salfellner (ed.)

Austrian Fairytales

Collected from Old Sources

‘Stick on!’ cries the dashing young man who wants to court the Princess, and soon everyone is stuck to his little magic wagon: the sooty...


A Country Doctor

At the Prague Castle, in the Golden Lane, Franz Kafka (1883-1924) wrote these short stories, which were published in his lifetime under the...



An Illustrated Life

He is the Jugendstil master, the founder of the Vienna Secession; his paintings – which sell for record prices – and his lifestyle are the...



City of Dreams on the Danube

An introduction to Vienna: an encounter with the medieval city, the residence of the Habsburg dynasty and one of Europe’s most important...


Franz Joseph I

An illustrated life of an Emperor

Franz Joseph defined his era and exemplified the old Austria. Installed on the throne as a young prince in 1848, he governed the Imperial...


Maria Theresa

An Illustrated Life of an Empress

Maria Theresa of Austria – a Baroque concerto grosso, a cantata of beauty, magnificence and imperial splendour. Juliana Weitlaner has been...


Franz Kafka and Prague

Ein literarischer Wegweiser

„Franz Kafka was Prague and Prague was Franz Kafka”, Johannes Urzidil once wrote. And indeed, following the traces of Kafka’s life, your way...



The Story of a Dog

The most well-known Austrian animal story is familiar to generations of readers and has become a true classic, with many film and television...